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Does any know why the wireframes templates are gone?

Hey am I the only one for which the wireframes templates are not available anymore? Any clues?

Hi @jerome_lachaud. we’re updating the wireframe templates for you guys. Thanks for your patience!

Hi Sergie - any update on the wireframe template?

Sorry for the delay! I’ve been swamped, but do have plans to add a lot more free wireframe templates.

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IS there an ETA? Thanks! :smile:

Any update on this? Thank you!

I plan on submitting some free templates to webflow to help the community… Speaking of which @thesergie are we allowed to submit free templates or do they have to be paid? Would we have to make a public link and allow customizing or can we actually submit it to webflow so they can add it in the ‘free’ tab when you start a new project?

Hey @Hamzster yeah you can submit free templates. It has to go through the same review process. We don’t want the free templates to be too awesome though so keep that in mind. The premium templates are aimed to have very well thought out designs and layouts and are priced as such. I’m actually in the process of making a whole bunch of new free templates that focus on different layouts.

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Hi @thesergie - Do one of those “free templates” happen to be the “Wireframes” template?

I’m now creating my own wireframe template, and discovered that this existed. The last reply that it’s coming back was in October. Is there an ETA?

I have the same question as previous people on this thread. There used to be basic wireframe Webflow templates - would it be possible to repopulate those among the free options for users to use? @thesergie

@Deni_1990 is helping us add some free templates. We’re hoping to release 2 every week. Stay in the loop!