Does a new Workspace in an existing account require a hosting subscription?

I’m a bit unclear on this. We have a site which the client would like a third party to have access to the Designer of, so as to add some marketing tools that they need to do themselves. We’d prefer not to invite the third party to our Workspace (they’d then have access to all of our projects) so are thinking of creating a new Workspace, transferring the site to it and giving the the third party guest access to the new Workspace. Does the new Workspace require a paid hosting plan, or is it covered by the current plan for the account?

Yes, I’ve gone through the Webflow info but it’s not really that clear, hence asking here.


Hi Grant,

Yes you’ll be able to use a starter ( free ) workspace, and to invite up to two freelancer/agency guests at no cost. If the site is hosted, you won’t have any issues with free-site+free-workspace limits like no custom code and 2 static pages.

Essentially the workspace has no relation to your main paid workspace so it would be considered a starter workspace.

Another possible direction that might work for you is Google Tag Manager. Depending on what kind of marketing tools they need to add to the site, GTM is often a popular approach for adding custom scripts.

Pros and cons there, but a good agency should manage their code well.

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Cheers Michael. If it works like that (free starter workspace), then that will be perfect for what we need to achieve.