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I just joined Webflow a couple of weeks ago, and so far, I love it. It’s the only CMS (besides, perhaps, Webpop, which is more expensive) that I have found that allows full design control.

I do have one general suggestion: The video tutorials seem to be more promotional than instructional. For example, I was searching for a way to create a class that specified only a box shadow, which I could then apply as a sub-class to multiple elements. When I searched for information related to working with classes, all I was able to find was the video “Using classes and adding styles.” This video talks about how great classes are, but it doesn’t provide detailed instructions for working with classes.

I’d like to suggest that you continue with the promotional videos you have been creating, but also start to provide tutorials that are more geared toward detailed instruction.

Thank you!

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Hi @tkister!

Thank you so much for the feedback, we really appreciate it.

I agree that the videos and organization of the documentation needs a revamp - A couple months ago we began the process of moving our entire site over to the CMS (from our static site before…). During this process we were able to recognize the content that was needed to fill the gaps and we’ve been working on replacing/updating/adding content to make this experience better.

I’ll personally keep this feedback in mind when creating new content and videos.


Also if you have any specific requests for tutorial videos let us know in this forum topic:

The tutorials you’ve listed are good ones. Perhaps also working with symbols (that is, creating micro-layouts that can be copied and pasted into pages. (The narrator in the example below does this, but there is no explanation of how.)

I’d also suggest that the tutorials you create focus more on the specific required steps. Many of them speed through or skip over very important steps. (It became a game for me to hit Pause just in time to see that tiny step that the narrator does but doesn’t discuss.)

I’ve already posted examples here: Instructions for Creating the Hover Effects Used for the Escape Template Blog Page - General - Forum | Webflow

The key is testing the tutorials to be sure that the user can complete tasks using only the videos – testing doesn’t work if your users are super familiar with Webflow, because they intuitively know what to do and often don’t even realize the important steps that they are completing.

FYI, I usually get paid to do this kind of work…

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