Do you need Webflow specific hosting plan to be able to use search?

So when I view the Webflow plan it says that a CMS plan allows for Search.
When I try to add search it says that I need hosting plan and directs me to the Webflow hosting plans so does that mean I need their hosting to get search to work?

Yep, you’ll need a CMS plan or higher to get access to site search - basic (static) sites don’t have this feature included:

Do you need to use Webflows hosting service for this or can you use something else to host a Webflow site? Then do you need to use a Webflow hosting provider to use search?

I believe to use the built in search you’d need to have Webflow Hosting - however that’s just my assumption given it’s part of the CMS plan.

yes, just to clarify you need to be hosted with webflow to use the search. This applies to forms as well. So if you export the website and host somewhere else forms and the search wont work. Take a look around the forum and you’ll find some recommendations for external search functions you could use.

Awesome, thanks for this info. That is what I was looking for. So when I publish a demo link I’m posting to a Webflow server. Should I expect search and forms will not work in that scenereo as well? In order to test I need to buy hosting?

@vdubplate I tried this out for you and forms do work but search isn’t available

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