Do wishlist items need approval?

Posted to the wishlist yesterday, looked like it posted successfully at the time. Can’t remember exactly what it said but a green ‘success’ banner appeared.

Can’t see item I posted anywhere now though. Under my ideas it says ‘0’

Hi @indexdepartment,

The wishlist system is a voting system. You place features there that you hope to be added to Webflow into the future. The ones that are more popular and needed more are usually added sooner. Some wishlist items may never be added. Just due to complexity or just lack of interest from the community.

Hope that explains things a bit. The ‘0’ means NO upvotes to your post.

Hey @QA_Brandon thanks for that. It should appear on the wishlist first somewhere though?

It may never be voted on but I presumed it would be added to recent

For reference I added this to the wishlist.