Do Webflow no longer accept date input added in Integromat to Webflow collection item date field?


I have had an automation running in Integromat for several weeks, on May 20 the automation was working, but from May 26 onward, the date input is ignored by the collection item date field.

In Integromat the date is added in the collection item date field as plain text: 05/30/2020. In the resulting Webflow collection item this date input from Integromat is now ignored.

Has something been changed in the API that makes this happening? Or do I now have to format the date input in a different way to be accepted by Webflow?:thinking:

I’m experiencing the same. I’ve been racking my brain all day trying to figure out why my date fields in my WebFlow collections from Integromat are now blank!!

Support is working on it I’m told👍

Same here - also got the message from support saying they’re looking into it.

@Fonsume @mattjon76 Have you guys found a solution? At least it looks like Webflow is struggling to find a solution :confused:

This my be an Integromat error. Latest update to the Integromat support team:

" Hi Miko. Webflow is not able to find any issues in the API. I have done some more testing. It seems like the problem is not that Webflow is not accepting the date format.

Data (in date formats accepted by both Webflow and Integromat) added to a date field in an Webflow Create Item module is not forwarded to the next steps in the scenario.

In the attached image you see a test with a date format that is accepted by both Integromat and Webflow (I have tested both static dates like this and data directly from the Watch Event module with the same result). In modules after the Create Item module the content in the date field (Dato) is left empty.

The Webflow support team gets the same result when testing this in Integromat."

Got the same response from Webflow that they can’t find anything. Also, Integromat isn’t officially supported, so it’s on Integromat to fix this it seems. I’ve also fired off a mail to them.

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Hello @Christoffer!

Thank you so much for bringing this up.

We were able to notice this instance as well and reached out to Integromat to see if they can fix it.

They got back to me and confirmed that this should be working now, I did a test on my end and was able to send date fields successfully.

Let us know if you continue to have any issues.


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Thanks to @RileyJones and @JornK (and all others involved at Webflow) for all the help tracking down this bug in Integromat. This saved me a lot of work. Love you guys! :heart:


Everything works now :slight_smile: Great work Riley and the gang