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Do Webflow ecommerce webhooks fire with Shopify integration?

If a Webflow ecommerce store uses the Webflow + Shopify buy button integration do Webflow ecom webhooks still fire?

I’m mostly interested in the webhooks: ecomm_new_order, ecomm_order, ecomm_inventory_changed

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Hi @Mack ,

No they not, the webflow ecom will only activate with webflow elements and if you purchase the ecomm plan.

You shouldn’t have any trouble with that!

Thank you @Carlos_Ruiz_Del_Vizo! But what if a user does have Webflow ecom activated but is using the Shopify Buy Button as well?

It’s unclear if Webflow would send traditional ecom-related webhooks in this case because inventory, purchasing, payment, fulfillment, etc… would be handled on the stripe side. But would Webflow also fire the corresponding webhooks?

I believe they use different calls and codes. They shouldn’t interfere one with another, but I wouldn’t recommend to have both activated!

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