Do publishing a second website can interfer with anotherone?

Hello !

I’m somewhat new to webflow even if I’ve already designed websites on it.
I have a probably stupid question but I prefer to be really sur as I’ve never worked on a that-big project.

I have to redesign a website for customers and their website is already online with a lot of daily users and CMS collections.

I’ve choosed to create another project on the same dashboard, with the same plan (ecomm).

So I have :

  1. An online website with a production ( and a staging url (
  2. A redesign website with tje same plan and a staging url (

If I publish the second project, I have (only) the possibiliy to deploy on the staging URL

If i do this, is there anychance that it interferes with the first online website ?
I’m pretty sur the answere is no but I have to be sur not to erase or change something by mistake on the old live website and I’m paranoid with this :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answers and hope it will help other paranoids to be reassured !


yes it’s no, all sites are independents and there is no server usage like when you put multiple instance of wordpress on the same server. This could really slow a small server

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