Do not understand what am i doing wrong :( trying to create a 3d globe

hey guys! i was trying to follow this tutorial:

to create a 3d globe. I’v managed to do it step by step perfectly but the there is not globe shown on the published website. what the hell am i missing? 🙂

read only link:…

published website:
thank you so much in advance!

Here is my public share link: LINK
(how to access public share link)

Very helpful if you can share that URL.

both of the read-only link link and the tutorial i’v followed are in the post, what else would be helpful? :slight_smile:

The place where we can visit the site with a browser as a visitor would.

Your selector in your code is null. Take a look at your browser console to debug.

Can you elaborate? I don’t really know what null or debugging means… sorry :slight_smile:

Hey @poles_ira , you have a mistake in your custom attributes for fs-3dglobe-container. Instead of writing fs-3dglobe-element, you wrote fs-3dglobe-container

This is from the video:

This is what you did:

What @webdev mentioned for debugging console is to right-click in your published site and go to inspect tools and under the console tab, it will tell you where the code spit errors. This is how I found where you went wrong.

You also did not add the custom attribute for your Collection List


If code is not your thing you can use this 3D Globes in Webflow ( for a nocode approach.

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