Do not store the favicons in the /icons directory

When I export a webflow project, the favicon lands in the folder /icons/favicon.ico. Unfortunately apache comes with an alias for /icons by default. More about this in this answer:

Thus the favicons are not found with exported webflow web pages with every default Apache web server and are not displayed accordingly.
Can you give an option to change the path, or write it to another folder by default?

Hey @service_apoly_de

Though I wouldn’t personally be super familiar with this specific matter, I’m almost positive that you cannot change the default path that the icons are stored in on export. Webflow doesn’t currently allow for changes that granular (re: export), IIRC.

(@Waldo - can you confirm?)

Thanks for asking @service_apoly_de and @mattvaru!

That’s correct, we likely won’t provide the ability to change the file path structure for exported sites without a very strong use case. Mainly since that can be modified in a few seconds after export :thinking:

Can you tell me what specific value it would provide to you if the favicon file path was changed (aside from it showing up on an exported apache hosting solution)?

What is your current workaround to address this?

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Since we don’t have access to the target server to remove the alias we have to rewrite the paths manually:

  1. rename the icons folder (e.g. to favicons)
  2. for each exported HTML file, rewrite the paths in the html head area from /icons/... to /favicons/....

The annoying thing is that you have to think about it every time you export again. Of course, this is prone to errors.

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