Do not index protected pages


we are currently building a store. The store pages are protected with a password. The last weeks we didn’t have to publish the page to our domain and could only publish it to the domain.

But now we had to push the page to our domain as well, so now the protected store pages were published as well.

Is it possible to exclude pages that are not yet ready when pushing, so that Google does not go crazy for indexing and then spits out indexing errors.

If that works, can I take the pages that are not yet ready out of the Google indexing again somehow?


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi Toby, you did not link your site, but I am guessing you’re referring to /sitemap.xml? Webflow does not appear to list password-protected pages or folders in sitemap.xml.

Secured pages are a standard part of the web, so Google should handle that pretty elegantly. I’d be interested in knowing the details if you’re encountering some kind of issue there.

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yes actually Google should already exclude these secured pages by itself. :frowning:

I’ll do some more research. :slight_smile: