Do interactions 2.0 work with code export , if im planning to use it for a webapp, vue+express+mongoDB

i am planning to buy a pro version of webflow fro a specific client project and if i like it our company is thinking of integrating it in our workflow as what we see webflow as , especially code export to be revolutionary for interactive webpages .
In this project im gonna use the exported html file as a template for vue js and which will have dynamic elements taking data from express-mongo backend and will be using v-for and v-bind directives to tweak the html exported by webflow.

Two major questions -

  1. Webflows site says the exported code may break after exporting when tweaked, are there chances of seeing that in my case.

  2. Will the interactions be exported as css- animate or js functions and will i be able to tweak the animations after export in code .

I’ve only exported sites from Webflow. When I create interactions, my developers will rebuild using css transitions in order to make them dynamic. Items that are not dynamic, they’ll use the exported .js.

For whatever reason, IX2.0 interactions have been less successful for me when tying into a CMS. Legacy interactions have had more success in my case. I can’t speak to your question about Mongo.