Do I need two login systems?

I’m designing a site that will allow my employees to create customer facing public profiles. But in order for my customers to interact with the employees profiles, I want them to also sign up/login. My question is do I need to create a separate login system for the employees and the customers to do this? Or can I just use the same login system but somehow prevent customers profiles from showing publicly on the website?

If you’re wanting to have both your employees and the public do their work through the same website, then it’s probably easier to use a single login system, and to distinguish your users by the access groups you put them in.

I’d use Memberstack for that, it make user data more accessible and has a lot of good examples on how to build a dashboard or how to capture and save data from a member. This way users get read-only access, and employees get read-write access to their own profiles.

You’ll have a bit of coding to do however. If you want something more nocode it might be worth learning Wized.

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I have very limited coding experience, but I’ve worked with memberstack in the past. I guess I’m having a hard time figuring out how I am able to differentiate users at the sign up stage. Once they’ve signed up, I can easily tag them as customers or employees but if a customer access a profile, can I have it redirect them to another profile page that’s the same but doesn’t allow them to post content?

Yes, you’d most likely want to do this after the fact.

Memberstack may also have examples where you can separate the signups- one just for the public, one just for your employees, that effectively automates the differentiation.

It sounds like you’re asking if you can hide/show sections on a page depending on the user’s login/logout state or access level, and yes MS supports that.

Check Memberstack’s demos and docs, their forums will help you too.

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Fantastic, thank you so much!