Do I need to enable scrolling? Isn't that automatic?

I published a site, which I thought I made responsive using webflow’s break points. But it seems that on the 9.7 inch ipad, only 90% of the screen shows – and there are no scroll bars to allow the viewer to see that hidden 10%. The page just ends at the margin.

What do I need to do to enable scrolling in this instance?

Thank you!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi, GhostTrain! Please update your post and provide a read-only link to your Webflow project so we can take a look. Instructions are here. Thanks!

Thanks for your assistance!

Happy to help. Is there a specific page/pages you’re having the issue on?

Well actually, I am not having the trouble myself. But as luck would have it, the client is complaining there is no ability to scroll the page, and she attached these photos. One shows the home page, after you click on the blue button, and the other shows the home page before you click on that button.

Thanks for clarification. Is it possible this is user error? I did test on my iPad (however, it is an iPad Pro 12.9) as well as my iPhone 13 mini, both can scroll just fine. I can also see a scrollbar in the second photo.

Thank you Chris, for weighing in. I thought I saw a scrollbar in that one photo also … but I do not have an ipad myself and did not want to argue w client. I will speak w her tomorrow and try to delicately bring up that topic of ‘user error’ …

Again, thank you!

Do you happen to have a Mac available? If so, you can use the iOS device connected to the Mac to troubleshoot iPad specific errors. [Tutorial] Debugging iOS-specific Design Bugs!

OK, spoke with the client. Now she agrees there IS a scrollbar present, but says it does not allow her to advance to the bottom of the page (not her original explanation at all). She can only view the portion of the web page that appears in her ipad window. And yes, this is only on Safari. Any suggestions? Thank you.