Do I need to create a Webflow account with clients email?


I’m working with a new client and I want to build his new website in Webflow. Do I or should I, create a Webflow account with the clients credentials and build it there ? Or is it possible to build the site in my personal account and then transfer everything to them somehow ?

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If the project will have more resources then a free plan provides you will either need an account plan you can build it in or a site plan. If you have an account plan with less then 50 CMS items, then I would build it there, when completed and paid I would transfer it to a client account and add the site plan. If you are using client billing then you would keep it. Your client should have requirements. Right now this whole process is lame. Webflow has announced upcoming changes that provide for collaboration without being forced to share logins or use a team plan. Until then how you proceed depends.

I suggest reading these pages in the University:

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It is simple 1/2page website and I’m hoping to be able to host in directly on Webflow. If future edits are needed, they will be done by me.

If I understand correctly, it would be best to create a new Webflow account in their name on a starter plan and buy hosting on that account - and then they just give me access to it?


I would opt to build it on your own personal account, when completed and paid transfer it. If they want you to make edits in the future they could optionally share credentials, use a team plan, or wait for Webflow to release a new collaboration enhancement they announced is coming sometime.

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