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Do forms require subscription

I am building a website which I will host externally. I’ve created a webflow form and was just thinking to myself, once I cancel my webflow subscription (won’t need it after site is live) will the form stop working since it goes through webflow?


That’s right unless you know how to integrate the form to an external service. You should also be aware that once you export your site and delete it from you account/ cancelled your account you wont be able to bring the project back into webflow. So if you ever want to make design changes you will have to do them by hand and recreate it in webflow or another program.

@LandonAB - here’s a bit more info on exported Webflow forms:

Since forms are associated with a Webflow site ID, if that site is completely removed, we have no way of knowing the details of where form submissions should be routed. If you plan on canceling your Webflow account, I would recommend building your forms using an external service (e.g. Mailchimp, Wufoo, your own server, etc), but you might be surprised to find out that those services in many cases cost more than your Webflow subscription and get you only the form functionality without all the other awesome tools that Webflow offers :wink: