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DNS that were OK have been reset automatically

Hello everyone :wave:

I have a small problem that has appeared recently. To summarize, I recently changed the Title Tag in the SEO settings of my client’s homepage after his request.

The change was very simple, add two words to the previous Title Tag. After changes, I published the site, and had to leave for an appointment right after. 5mn later, I get a message that the site is not accessible.

After verifying, the DNS had been reset on the GoDaddy side. So I put back the CNAME and the A records, and the problem was (partly) solved.

The site is currently online, but I still have issues detected in the Hosting part of the website.

Two other A records are present in the GoDaddy records but I have no way to modify or delete them, I indicate this because I imagined that the problem could come from there.

Would you have any indication or solution to propose to me? The site is online, but everything was ok before and I’m someone who likes to get things done.

If you need more information, please let me know!

Thanks for taking the time to read, have a nice day!


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