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DNS Structure: custom domain > Cloudflare > Webflow

Hi there,

I managed to connect my custom domain with webflow, now I wish to add Cloudflare as an option in between.

So my prefered structure is:
Custom domain (Neostrada) to Cloudflare to Webflow.

Current DNS for, custom domain to Webflow is something like:
@ - A - 34.193.204.**
@ - A - 34.193.69.***
www - CNAME - @

Can someone explain to me how this works?
Is it safe for me to share current DNS data of Neostrada and Cloudflare? If so I’ll post these asap.

Project link:

Side question:
Do you think it’s necessary/helpfull to add Cloudflare?

Thanks in advance!


did you ever figure this out, waldo’s method works but doesn’t utilize cloudflare’s DOS protection i don’t think since the cloud is not orange: Validating domains with Cloudflare and SSL failing