DNS / SSL Problems - Site Not Publishing

No matter what I do, my site isn’t publishing. I get different browser errors each time. One time (I wasn’t able to get the screenshot) told me the connection wasn’t secure despite the fact I have an SSL certificate enabled on both ends of Webflow + Dynadot.

Minjae.kim IS a very unusual html address, and I’m thinking it’s registration-back-end might be a bit funky. Can anyone lend some insight here?



Here is my site Read-Only:

Your DNS looks fine. The Webflow infrastructure is responding with 301 redirects. Make sure you don’t have any in the project settings that could be the cause. If not open a ticket.

It’s so weird. I have no redirects in place, how does one open a ticket? I assume that’s referring to a webflow customer assistance feature?

At the top of this page is a link to support. I would start there.