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DNS settings for client that has Wordpress Blog on same domain

I’m currently building a landing page for a client that will sit on

The client also has a old Wordpress blog that he wants to have on

He then has a Typeform quiz that he wants on

Finally he has a custom built dashboard for the quiz results that he wants on

The idea is that the blog will eventually be moved to Webflow’s CMS, but for right now, how do I set up the DNS settings for custom domain hosting in Webflow so that he can have /blog /quiz and /resuls for his other platforms?

The simplest way would be to use subdomains for each and then a redirect to the subdomain on /blog etc… That requires nothing but hosting for the other sites and 301 redirects in project settings. The only other way (keeping the directory url path ) would be to use a reverse proxy or Cloudflare workers which is possible but not trivial to set up. There are some references to this in the forums.

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Thanks, they’re going to explore using Cloudflare Workers.