Dns record issue

I created a landing page on webflow few days ago Then i connected a domain of name cheap with webflow everything works domain connected but their app which is app.doubletick.ai server gets down i contacted to name cheap and the team person of my client gave me an ip address and i add an “A” record of host name “app” with their ip address now after 2 days he tell me the docs server which is docs.doubletick.ai is also not opening what to do now because i don’t have the ip address do i need to add an “A” record of “docs” with ip address but how to get the ip adress when the link is not opening.
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It sounds like you’ve somehow deleted their DNS records for their app and docs subdomains, not fun. It’s not possible to guess what they should be, or what A or CNAME records you need to recreate to bring those services back online.

However, you might be able to get a snapshot of the DNS history through a paid service like DNSlytics;

I think this is what you need- probably worth the $30 for a month of service.



Another site securitytrails shows some promising history.
I’d recommend doing a full audit, there are several subdomains.

Here’s one for docs

  • A docs.doubletick.ai

Note for the future- whenever you touch a client’s production DNS, take screenshots and export the DNS content as a safeguard, before you make any changes.