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DNS help! Trouble using WEBFLOW SSL CNAME with Hostgator


I have been trying to point a domain on Hostgator to Webflow. The site is launched but is not secure. For some reason when I type in CNAME it give me an error message vs using the basic webflow proxy link. Hostgator support says everything looks great on their end but now I am stuck.

If anyone is willing to get on a call or even teamviewer/zoom to take a closer look I would be so grateful! We can talk about compensation for your time if needed. This site needs to be live tonight for an event tomorrow.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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What is the custom domain?

If SSL is ON (recommended)

In your Webflow settings, the Webflow A record values should be: & and the Webflow CNAME record values should be: .