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DNS Fail (www.www.)

Hi all — what am I missing here?

I’ve followed all the instructions I could dig up from Webflow and GoDaddy but I still get this when I try to visit my published site with a custom domain.

Notice there are two WWWs.

Here are my DNS settings in GoDaddy

And my project settings in Webflow



Hi @dancoe.

Your DNS information seems to be right. When we use SSL certificate is recommended to set up www as default. You can try that and publish your website again.

Eve Kayser

Hi @evekayser

Thanks for the suggestion.

I made my default and republished about 30 minutes ago and it’s doing the same thing.

Any other ideas? I’m not sure what else I can try.



It’s live now here :raised_hands:! Great website!

Please remember to clear browser’s cache or try to load website on incognito mode.

Eve Kayser

Awesome! Thanks @evekayser !!

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Nice! please mark as solved if it helped you!

Eve Kayser