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DNS and Domain Name Query

I studied web development a while ago in college. Its something that stuck with me quite well and i have kept most my skills up. I am currently working at a company who are asking me to re design the website (Not in my job role but what the hey) .

I have the skill to do so and have created a website that they are over joyed with. They want to keep there current domain name but there website hasnt been looked at in 5 years and has been sitting stagnant.

I am currently using webflow as it just seems to the handiest for me. I know how to link a freshly purchased domain up to a website using webflow but how do i find out were the current Domain name is being hosted ? Would i need to contact the old developer ? is there any sites out there that will allow me to purchase it again or be put in contact with the owner ? Or can i use the exisiting domain on the new website to force an automatic shut down of the old ?

Any and all advice is much appreciated.

Try something like

If a domain is not registered it can be secured by using a domain registrar and registering it. If it is already registered use Whois to see who owns it.

Only if you control the old Domain so nope.