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Divs wont' stack on mobile?

Any idea why the photo here won’t resize correctly on mobile?

Seems like I’m missing something pretty basic.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)


No read only link :slight_smile:

here -


Thanks for sharing the site link - here is how to share your read only link. Please, try to elaborate your issue by pointing to the page or element it happen, attaching screenshot or video recording :slight_smile:

Here’s the read only link


Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:
Can you specify the collection you talking about?

it’s on the /landing/latimore page I linked earlier.

It looks like this on mobile

Hey man - that’s not what I’m looking for help with.


sorry. confused withthis thread :slight_smile:

let me check your issue again

Hi and sorry for the confusing :slight_smile:

Basically you should convert div block 18 to flex. follow the attach movie and insert the new parameters for the image and text. If you still experience problems feel free to ping me