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Divs are disappearing in Chrome on OSX

Hi there,

I’m using Webflow to build the front end of a new app I’m working on and I’m having some trouble with content disappearing in Chrome on OSX. I have tested the site on Safari and Firefox and it seems fine.

Here’s the preview:

Content in the timeline area of the page is disappearing - if you click on it, or resize the page, it reappears but other content higher up disappears. What is going on!?!

Hi I tortured your page like if I was a sick mad scientist and nothing disappeard on Chrome Mac and Windows.

Also I’ve seen you’re using a 3 columns row on the bottom of the page as a design element to center an element in the page. This is bad (: Rather use a single div and center it. Not filing up columns of a row element can lead to problems. Also Webflow gives enough latout possibilities to avoid cheating at all times (:

That’s very odd as we are able to recreate the problem on both of our systems.

The content in the ‘ColonyFlow’ div is not visible and then if you click in the search box, it becomes visible, but the boxes above disappear.

Perhaps if you view the live site?

Sorry for the column centering - I can’t remember why i did that, but I have fixed it now! :smile: Removing the columns seems to have made the ‘Colony started’ box remain visible.

I am very sorry to inform you tha your site… works, sir. (:

Just to be sure, we’re talking about these divs, right?

Do you have any chrome extensions? Do you witness the bug in a private session window? Can you go to your Mac guest session and test it from there too?

I’ve had the weirdest nasty bug in Webflow a month ago, I can’t count the emails with Webflow team about it. It was one of my extensions, I don’t know which one. Now I work in a Chrome with no extensions, at all.

This is very odd. I’ve tried turning off all extensions, running in an incognito window etc, but the issue persists. I’ve recorded a screen grab of what’s going on.

Can you really do the test in another session?

Sorry I don’t follow you? There are two of us here and the problem is apparent on both of our systems.

Ok. I wnted to make sure no chrome extension was at fault…

Checked on another computer and still no reproduction of your bug.

Oh well, thanks for your help anyway!