Div shown in browser when logged in as cms editor

Hello, I have a problem with a misteryous div in the final of page and I don’t why happend this.Only is visibility when I publish the site, in the webflow preview is ok. I send an image on you can see the efect in the browser:


I just see that there isn’t the logo “Made in Webflow” , maybe the problem is something about this.

Hello @tato2278,

I guess it’s just a small bug because oh this arrow.

If you click on it it should open your editor.

This is how your website looks like for me

Hello zbrah,

Thank you very much, I was think that some of this was the problem. I suppose that is visible only in my PC, but for example in Mozilla and Edge is not visible, only in Google Chrome and I don’t know why.

Thank you

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Hi @tato2278, at the moment, that div is shown when you are logged in to the cms editor. It does not show for the site visitor who is not logged in. I hope this helps.


Hello @tato2278,

yes just as cyberdave said, if you are logged only on Chrome you ll only see it on Chrome.
This is why you can’t see it on Mozilla or Edge

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