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Div set to fixed - full covers full screen in designer but not when published

Using a div as a modal set to “fixed” full, looks correct in the designer. But when it is published it is contained within a element. See screenshots and links below.

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IMHO you problem is that in first place modal should have position: absolute to take it from flow and body set to relative so modal will be able to cover whole page. Now, the problem is that in webflow body CAN’T be set to relative. The easies fix will be to wrap whole page in div as block set to relative position and modal set to absolute referred to new div that you can call e.g. main. be aware that you have lots of relative positioning in your collection container. I have changed all back to static with no visual side-effects so it should be fine but I didn’t look deep why they were set to relative.

body -> div -> your sections

You can look at this direction.

I placed everything inside of a main-div that is set to relative. However, this did not fix the modal being stuck inside the collection and not full screen. I tried fixed and absolute.