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DIV inside container removes responsiveness?

Hey everyone! I’m pretty new to Webflow, and I’ve been using it today to translate a design I made for a client to a web-page. I know three things about responsiveness:

  1. Containers seem to be the backbone of responsiveness in Webflow
  2. Divs inside of containers seems to ruin responsiveness of text in Webflow, they no longer break at their respective breakpoints
  3. I have no idea why, or how to fix this, because Divs are very useful.
    How do I make text in Webflow responsive (break at their breakpoint) when they’re in a div (which is inside a container?)

Picture to clarify:

Here is my site Read-Only

Your div is the minimum width required to fit the longest word inside. As you can see the longest word in your example makes the div to be outside of the window. Usually this is only a problem when you use large font sizes on a narrowest breakpoint.