Div image not staying pinned to right of screen

Hi forum,

I’m experiencing a maddening issue of a decorative image not staying in the position I have designated within designer as it is once I publish. I have about 4 images that I’m treating the same, yet this one is not responding as it should. I keep telling myself it’s an easy fix, something I’m just overlooking, yet every time I try to fix it, I can’t see the issue.

I’m hoping somebody can offer some help on this.

Much appreciated -


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hi @Steveio your issue is related to your images (sections) animations as they are source of overflow that cause website horizontal scroll.

HI Stan,

But I have no animations assigned to that section. I have animations assigned to 4 previous sections, but hadn’t applied it to this section yet. Is this what you’re referring to?

Yeah, I’m aware of this @Steveio , when you will check your website and wait for something like 5s your images will end animation on their final position, and your affected image will sit on the edges. So there is an overflow that causes your issue with horizontal scroll, that is why I have mentioned it. You can see this issue even when you scroll your page as an animation retrigger if I remember correctly :wink:

ok, thanks for pointing this out, Stan. I’ll have to relook at how I’ve set up my animations.