Div displaying as none inside flexbox despite size attributes set

Exactly what the title says, my “connect & flourish” & “inspiring content” collection pages both share the same classes and layout for the most part. I set the main reading sections inside a div wrapper called “content wrapper” and set it to a horizontal flexbox, then I have two seperate divs for the side ads and the main content of that page.

What I currently found upon returning to my site is that the ad section is acting as though its set to display none inside the designer & preview, despite having it’s width set. I’ll keep looking into it myself but I’m hoping someone may be able to spot what is happening better than I can.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Quick Update to this: I tried deleting the class for the ad div and it finally appeared, the collection list of ads however also needed its class deleted to appear. That is my solution to the problem for now but i’d still quite like to understand what was happening.

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