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Im currently working on a website for this company, and I’m atm working on their privacy policy page. I have made one div as a container, with sub-divs as deviders for the different pieces of info. In those sub-divs I have included a heading and a paragraph (sometimes in those paragraphs a span if I want certain parts styled differently).
I have given the sub-divs, headings and paragraphs a class name (in total 11 pieces), but there is one sub div (#10), that has a different width (or styling, not sure) than the rest.
I only noticed this change when I made my viewport smaller (was working on the mobile landscape breakpoint and made the viewport smaller).
The rest of the divs are nicely working with my set padding on the main div, but this one part, is just not working. The one after that however, does have the correct styling/width again.

Im so confused, what am I doing wrong, why is only that part different, I checked and I didn’t notice any different styling to that specific part.

Can anyone please help me?


Here is my site Read-Only: read-only page link

Hi @yaraprins,

The reason this div is behaving differently is due to the Breaking setting on the ‘linkPrivacy’ element. If you change this setting from ‘Pre’ to ‘Normal’ it should fix your issue:

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