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DIV custom attribute

Hello - I’m installing Micromodal. I understand how to add aria-hidden=“true” as a custom attribute since it has a name and value…

I have no idea where to add data-micromodal-close.

Is this a simple add like attributes?


<!-- [1] -->
<div id="modal-1" aria-hidden="true">

  <!-- [2] -->
  <div tabindex="-1" data-micromodal-close>

    <!-- [3] -->
    <div role="dialog" aria-modal="true" aria-labelledby="modal-1-title" >

        <h2 id="modal-1-title">
          Modal Title

        <!-- [4] -->
        <button aria-label="Close modal" data-micromodal-close></button>

      <div id="modal-1-content">
        Modal Content