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Div Boxes are not responsiv eany more


i need help, while was building this site (my first one) i recognized that my written Text in the paragraph are not any more responsive. I saw that on my laptop and and ipad.

When i am creating new sections with Divs inside, which got headings and paragraphs inside, it works, but the existing ones are not working.

I would like that:
Section 3, the elements inside the Div Block 16,
Div Block 20 and 19 which got paragraphs and heading inside should responsive, but the text keeps always same.

The in the Grid above also

it is working in the mobile version but not in desktop.

here is my link:

I hope you understand what i want, otherwise i could draw it.

THanks for your help

Not a lot of time to explain what I did, but simply put, create a new Div, place the Divs 19 and 20 Inside it. Work with other settings starting with that chage.

Please, take your time to look through the screenshots and understand what has been made

36 94 90

Thanks a lot, that works.

Could you explain what the problem?
19 and 20 were before also in on Div. After i create new one (24) and moved 19 & 20 inside everything was fine. Why it does not work before?

Could you please have a look at Grid 5 -> at Div BLock 14 & 12 -> Desk Grid Div Block , same here.

thanks a lot

I understood what you tried to achieve before I helped you, but your Display Settings weren’t correct when trying to replicate what you intended to do.

You always need to make sure that the computer understands and it’s going to create what yo want. They can’t read your mind. So every time that somethings doesn’t look right, check Layout, Size and Position.

When talking about the “Desk Grid Div Block”, you could check the display settings and the Flexbox settings so you could make things work.

Check screenshots bellow.



Thanks a lot. Great help.
Works perfect

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