Div Block With height and elements inside disappearing in preview and publish

I have a div block element that keeps disappearing on publish and preview mode.

Here is my site Read-Only: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/livingaboveinc?preview=c6dcaa6edd89d4587c852576cf9d5433

@mikeschreiber which div is collapsing on you?

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It was the first one, class is BW1, I ended up deleting it and re-adding it. I also as the intro to the site had a cursor that led the letters so it really looked like they were being typed, but the cursor interaction was causing all of my divs to flash with the interaction even though they werent connected to it. So maybe I just have too uch going on in the site. It seems like the deeper i have dove into webflow i have either uncovered bugs or I am not doing things properly.

@mikeschreiber sometimes mike you have to pick and choose your battles, even the most experience have the same issues… you can still get your site how you want it just don’t over think it. the flash you experienced has been around for decades it doesn’t it have nothing to do with webflow. you can read more about this Flash Of Unstyled Content (FOUC) sometimes overthinking will cause you to make something more difficult… Sometimes I get tunnel vision on one section :joy: I use dreamweaver some times to hand write html you know what I still have to cross-browser check. get your project back to where it was if you like I am willing to give you a few directional views.

I appreciate that, I am just trying to get the first layout complete, the concept is for my media company and to generalize our pitch to companies about story telling over just creating another video. We are essentially creating the pitch deck in a genereal way to win them towards not only telling a story for their brand, but that our knowledge and process is where the real value is, instead of jsut being a camera and tripod for hire.

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