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Div Block changing size on its own

I’m having trouble with my portfolio. I am trying to have all three projects displayed on my home page the same width in the div block. All div block settings are the same except the colors. But when I publish it, the Habitical project box is shorter than the rest. It seems like it has to do with the zoom in percentage but can’t figure out what’s causing this.

Here’s the screenshot when I’m in webflow design mode.

Here’s the screenshot when I’m viewing the website after publishing it.

Here is my site read-only: Webflow - Chae Kwon's Portfolio

And this is the published website:

Thank you!

Hi @Chae.kwon, thanks for your post and for the good question.

I think this is due to the width set to auto for that project section, As a suggestion, I would add a 100% width value:

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I hope this helps

That worked great. Thank you so much!!!

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