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Div block appears properly in Safari but not Chrome? (and Firefox)


Recently, I build a new website for my study association I’m part of. Everything went great and all issues I had with e.g. hosting I could solve by browsing this forum. But there is still one issue I just can’t seem to solve.

When I open the website on Safari, it works just fine. This is what you are supposed to see:

But on Google Chrome and on Firefox you see it like this:

I just can’t seem to solve the problem of the div blocks. Even when I gave it width and height I couldn’t solve the problem.

Can anyone help?

This also goes for this banner:


Here is the link to the website btw:

Hi @TomvDijk,
your site works fine for me, both in chrome and firefox.


Are your browsers up to date?


That’s weird, because I am on the latest version of Google Chrome and Firefox, but don’t have these boxes. Also when I open the Webflow Designer in Google Chrome, it won’t load up.

Please just rename the div “partner-ad” to anything of your choice.
You cannot use this class in web deveploment, because it is blocked by many ad blockers on default.

Just turn off your ad-block in chrome and you will see the magic happen.

Hope this helps.


Yes thank you! :grin:
Didn’t know that would cause it to block.

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