DIV auto refresh without site reloading each 2 minutes

Maybe. The main issue is detecting the change from client-side script.
Let’s say you’re on the homepage / and you want the whole page to auto-refresh, but only if something has changed.

I’d probably try this-

  • On page load, immediately do a JS fetch of the current page, HEAD only. Capture version-identifying characteristics, that will likely change if the page is republished
  • Even N seconds, re-fetch, and compare
  • If they mismatch, reload the page

From some quick tests Content-Length and X-Lambda-Id look like good candidates as change markers.

You’d have to verify whether those markers change when updates are made through the CMS API by your RSS automation- but I’d expect that those changes would trigger a republish of affected pages.

To narrow this down to a section, the process is exactly the same, except instead of a reload, you’d fetch the entire page, extract just the part you want, and replace just the part of the current DOM you want.