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Disquis Issues at of late


have been noticing a few bugs / issues with Disquis lately.

Now it doesn’t always pin topics correctly ?

maybe you should send me them a message

I’ve noticed that happens when I click on the “new topics” blue bar when I don’t refresh the page.

you are correct. it does exactly what you say… when there is ajaxRefresh.

however… this happened on a pageLoad. Not an ajaxRefresh.

I saw the problem after selecting the Forums option.

This reloads the page instead of refreshing a container.

Not a big deal. I just hate when somene produces a good produce
but bugs start getting in when the company “gets larger”.

It tells me their QA process is not that good… or not in place.

And I’ve noticed quite a few “small bugs” recently (in Disquis).

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