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Displaying hidden object breaks layout

Hi Folks!

I’m using Webflow to create a prototype for a site. I’m sure I’m doing something unorthodox here in my layout but am wondering if there’s a quick fix.

Is there a reason why an object that is hidden displayed via interactions and set to overlay other content would cause the container to expand down below the content it as if it were actually located below?

The example here currently has a tab pane object with tabs set to the left of the pane. If you click on the red “Chat Now” tab or on the “Join Live Group Chat” button it will load another Tab pane on top. You will notice that the container gets expanded down below it where the div would normally be if the position was not set to “Relative”.

Any way I can get the containing div to not expand?

Thanks - JFly

Any quick help or suggestions to try would be appreciated! Thx