Displaying dynamic Events on NCF Week Calendar

Hi everyone!

We are creating an event calendar for an organization, which feeds from an already configured and populated CMS collection. We decided to implement No Code Flow’s calendar No Code Flow – Webflow Event and Booking Calendar Component in order to manage all events from our CMS collection in Webflow while having a nice and webflow-styled week view.

We succeeded binding the Calendar to a new CMS Collection (created on purpose), but after several tries, we don’t get it to work for our original CMS collection. We’re already in contact with NCF support team, but we didn’t find a solution yet.

Has anyone experienced something similar with this or a similar component?

We’ve made several tests in order to find where is the problem - no clear answer. We’ve given the newly created CMS collection different configurations in every try, until reaching the same structure as our original CMS collection. It always works perfectly, so it doesn’t seem to be a matter of the complexity of our original CMS collection.

I wonder if the NCF Calendar has to be binded necessarily to a brand new cms collection (created just after the code has been set in the page) and is by default not working for existing ones. In that case, we woud have to look for a different solution, as there are many pages and designs on our project affected by the content and structure of our original CMS collection.

Any advice on this topic will be very valuable!


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Hey there, this case should be solved by now.

The calendar does work with existing elements! :slight_smile: