Display the value of the selected radio button

Hi there,

I would like to display all the input of a form before submitting the form.
It works with input-fields but I have trouble to output the radio-button, which is checked.
I’ve tried it with customer code but it don’t show the value of the selcted radio-button.
I see that in the code there is a div which is automatically added by webflow when I published the site and in this div there is the checked value added in the class but I can’t give an id to this class.

Is there a way to display the value of a checked radio-button or to give the div an id

Here is my JavaScript-Code I’ve tried to display the value:

  var i;
  for(i=0; i<document.getElementsByName('form[RadioButton3]').length; i++) {
  	if (document.getElementById('RadioButton3'+i).checked) {
  		document.getElementById('radioGroupTerminPreview').innerHTML = document.getElementById('RadioButton3'+i).value;

I tried another way and this works. I was giving the div in which the radio-button is an id. And whenever a radio button is clicked, I change the value of the innerHTML to the string I need. So here is my Code:

window.onload = function() {
  var radioBtn21 = document.getElementById("Div-RB2-1");
  radioBtn21.onclick = changeValueRB21;
  var radioBtn22 = document.getElementById("Div-RB2-2");
  radioBtn22.onclick = changeValueRB22;
  var radioBtn23 = document.getElementById("Div-RB2-3");
  radioBtn23.onclick = changeValueRB23;
  var radioBtn24 = document.getElementById("Div-RB2-4");
  radioBtn24.onclick = changeValueRB24;
  var radioBtn3Ja = document.getElementById("Div-RB3-Ja");
  radioBtn3Ja.onclick = changeValueRB3Ja;
  var radioBtn3Nein = document.getElementById("Div-RB3-Nein");
  radioBtn3Nein.onclick = changeValueRB3Nein;
  var previewData = document.getElementById("ButtonWeiter");
  previewData.onclick = previewBeforeSubmit;

	//Radio-Button 2 (Mitarbeiter)
	function changeValueRB21() {
		document.getElementById('radioGroupMitarbeiterPreview').innerHTML = "< 10";
	function changeValueRB22() {
		document.getElementById('radioGroupMitarbeiterPreview').innerHTML = "< 50";
  function changeValueRB23() {
		document.getElementById('radioGroupMitarbeiterPreview').innerHTML = "< 250";
  function changeValueRB24() {
		document.getElementById('radioGroupMitarbeiterPreview').innerHTML = "> 250";
  //Radio-Button 3 (Termin)
  function changeValueRB3Ja() {
		document.getElementById('radioGroupTerminPreview').innerHTML = "Ja";
  function changeValueRB3Nein() {
		document.getElementById('radioGroupTerminPreview').innerHTML = "Nein";

  function previewBeforeSubmit() {
    document.getElementById('namePreview').innerHTML = document.getElementById('Conversion-Name').value;
    document.getElementById('emailPreview').innerHTML = document.getElementById('Conversion-Email').value;
    document.getElementById('positionPreview').innerHTML = document.getElementById('Conversion-Position').value;
    document.getElementById('unternehmensnamePreview').innerHTML = document.getElementById('Conversion-Unternehmensname').value;
    document.getElementById('webseitePreview').innerHTML = document.getElementById('Conversion-Unternehmenswebseite').value;