Display the number of items on a page in the navigation

Hi all,

I have come across a design challenge where I need to design the below feature in one of my Webflow websites.

For context, Jobs is a nav item that is supposed to display the number of Jobs that are currently listed on the Jobs listing page inside the red rectangle automatically. We would have the CMS collection for the Job listings.

Is there any way to fetch the number of the listings in the navigation as mentioned above in Webflow?

​It would be wonderful if any of you could help me with this design challenge.

​P.S. This is still not developed in Webflow, hence I haven’t included the read-only link.

Thanks in advance for helping me out! :smile:

You’d use a collection list, and custom script to count the elements.
If you have more than 100, you’ll need several collection lists, or you can do something more creative by counting items in the sitemap.xml.

Hi Michael,

Thank you for your reply!

Would it be possible for you to provide any reference for a custom script to count the elements?