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Display Success/Decline Message Based on User Entry

I’d like to have a dropdown with integers 0-10, and a submit button. If a user enters < 2 and clicks submit, they’d see a “Declined” message. If they enter 2 or greater, they’d see a “Success” message.

What’s the best way to accomplish this? Is there a way using Interactions or an existing Webflow UI element, or could this only be achieved with custom code?


Hi @robtour,

This could be created with multiple forms, each be configured to either success or decline by the integer it stands for.

Hi, sorry–I’m not 100% sure what this means. So I would have a different form for each integer? I’d ideally like to stay on the same page, and show an approved message based on the value entered in that single dropdown. Thank you!

If there’s no need for actual process other then displaying the message, then you can easily do this with a modal and click interactions on each integer button :slight_smile: