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Display selected item

I am trying to create an extinction bar.
I have created a CMS COLLECTION of my items from the CMS and I have another CMS COLLECTION with select field where the level in the bar is selected,
I want to display in my existing bar the selected item from the second CMS with a bold circle for example
See attached photos

if LC selected I want to do this:

Hi @TamarAsher

The best practice is to share your read only link - so the community can jump in and try to help you.

Anyway, if you use the circles as buttons so you can design them on “current” state with bold stroke around. Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Thank you for you answer.
Unfortunately I can not share a link to read only, I know how to make a circle in a button but what I need is to create a condition that only the item selected in CMS will appear with a circle around and that I do not know how to do.
Because the CMS where the option to select from a list is a different and non-current CMS COLLECTION that takes the names of the circles in the image above.

This is the image of the CMS COLLECTION from which the data of the bar is extracted:

And here is the condition I need to take from another CMS to circle the selected item: