Display Pages dynamically similar to the CMS posts


So, to display posts in a grid, we use the CMS widget and dynamically pull from a Collection.
I was wondering if there is a way to do the same thing but instead of CMS items, we display pages.

Like instead of using a collection as the source of data, we use a Folder of pages?

I would appreciate any insights on this,
Thank you!

You could either construct it manually, or you could write script that parses your auto-generated sitemap.xml to get the paths.

You wouldn’t be able to create a “card view” very effectively though, as your script would have to download every page in order to get the META title, META description, and og:image to construct the card with.

Manual creation is your primary option here.

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Thank you @memetican.
I guess I’ll have to look more into the idea you shared when it comes to it.