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Display page content on folder path

Hey there !

I currently have a major issues with the path management (for our sitemamp)… I need to use folder path to display page content.

Example :

  • Folder : “company” → url/company (should be a page with content)
    - page under this folder : “Our app” → url/company/our-app
    - page under this folder : “partnership” → url/company/partnership

Do you have tips/solutions to make it possible ?

Is this feature already available ? If not, when does Webflow plan to make it ? Thanks.

Folders can’t contain an index therefore can’t be one. When working with static pages you have to work around it. It’s a stupid limitation and I have never heard an explanation of why WF chooses to restrict this. Breaks the web.

Thanks for your answer ! And how do you work around it ? I really need to use folder as a page to manage all the paths (sitemap) of our website.

It’s possible for a page and a folder slug to be the same. The page will always load on that path. Additional children can be placed in the folder. As for sitemaps you can always add your own custom code to replace the autogenerated WF sitemap.

There is no other workaround I am aware of.

Thank you soooo much !! You solved my issue.