Display Ordered Item Number in Collection List

Wondering if anyone knows how to display a number based on the order it is in the collection list. I don’t want to create a field in a cms and place a number for each item. I would rather it just display a number based on the order the item is ordered. That way I don’t have to go into CMS and change each number field if I were to make a change on how I want to be displayed. Similar to the following where #7 represents the 7th item displayed in the collection list. This number stays the same when the collection list is sorted/organized in a different sequence.

There is no such thing as explicit “ordering” in the collection list. There is in multi-ref fields, but not in the collection list itself.

So you have two separate problems;

  1. How to sort the items in an explicit order
  2. How to present a number by each item heading, for visual reference purposes

#2 can be done easily with script.

#1 remains an issue though. You’d have to choose some approach that works for you… alphabetic, random, date field sorting, etc. None of those are exactly explicit, but date field comes the closest if you have well controlled processes about how you use it.

Unfortunately, a number field is usually the easiest.

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Can you provide a reference to a script like that or do you know any resources to help someone with no coding knowledge? Thank you so much!

Google css counters. They should be sufficient for your needs.
If you really need help with coding, I do coding work so feel free to PM me.

Remember though, it sounds as though you haven’t solved explicit ordering yet, so this is useless unless an indeterminate random list is ok.