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Display modal window once on load

I’m having difficulty in showing the load interaction (subscription modal on the Homepage) only once. I have inserted the following code into the respective page;

Would be grateful if anyone can tell me where I’m going wrong. Kind regards, Harry

Here is my public share link:

I’m having a similar issue as well… every time the homepage has loaded the sign-up form modal (takeover) reappears… Sorry @Harry_Hammond to piggyback on your post but since we’re having a similar issue that could be fixed by the same solution I thought I would post my issue inside your post in hopes of finding a solution as well. Cheers!

Here is my public share link:


Hey Blake, did you have any luck solving this issue?

Here you go!

edit: reload page to see the tutorial.

Sorry been away for a while, hope you figured it out.

If not… Follow this thread

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Thanks all, sorted :wink: