Display issue on large screen

Hi all!
I have a weird and somewhat minor issue: when I am on a large screen the animated lottie part of the design seems to reduce to a size instead of being adaptive: see screenshots.

On a normal 14xx screen:

And here on a larger one:

I tried to force the css to display in flex as it seems to be working when i inspect the element, but it always kind of “pops” back to this size.

Would appreciate some pointers.

I see constant dimensions from 900ish to 2500

Could it be Webflow zoom? When you browse past upper breakpoints, Webflow unzooms automatically, and everything shrinks.

Does not seem to be related to the zoom.; even more oddly if I use the navigator zoom it pops to the right size. quite frustrating that thing.

I think it was only conflicting display attributes; removed them all and it seemed to fix the issue.

Good, happy that you fixed it.